counting macros for crossfit

Count Your Macros While You CrossFit

CrossFit & Macro Counting

You can’t really call CrossFit a trend. It’s been here. It’s here. And it’s here to stay. If you need a refresher, this article outlines some of the fitness program’s impressive data points - including the fact that CrossFit has more than 13,000 gyms operating in over 120 countries.

counting macros for crossfit

And now this worldwide phenomenon that’s working for millions of people - is macro counting.

Macro Counting

True story - Macro Counting is being adopted by CrossFitters worldwide.

Why? Well, as a company that makes snacks specifically geared towards a macro-balanced lifestyle, we’re glad you asked.

The two key reasons why Macro Counting makes sense for the men and women of CrossFit gym are simple and important.


Firstly, the macro approach is a nutrition-focused way of reaching your goals. Many diets implement reducing calories to lose weight (or increasing calories to gain weight). And, this is pretty much a fact and necessary - you need to eat less calories in order to shed pounds. However, if you just went by this principle, you could eat candy bars all day and perhaps stay within your caloric intake.

That’s a no-no. You remembered calories, but forgot about nutrition.

See, the macro way converts calorie counting into Macro Counting, ensuring that you get the nutrition within the parameters of your caloric intake. CrossFit takes healthy nutrition seriously, and if you’re going to reach your goals with the help of CrossFit, it’s crucial you feed your body the right macronutrients.

Wabam: that’s Macro Counting’s focus.

Food Freedom #IIFYM

Secondly, if you take the macro approach, you take the road of freedom. You’re free to eat whatever you want. That’s right. Whatever. (Special note: That’s ‘Whatever’ said like Squints says “forever” in the 1993 classic “The Sandlot”.)

You can eat nachos, cookies, fudge, whatever, as long as it fits your macros (#IIFYM). That is, as long it fits your daily target amount of macronutrients according to your plan.

Focus on Macros

The idea here isn’t about restriction or indulging; it’s about focusing your body on getting what it needs in the appropriate ratios. There are many ways to get there, but ultimately you choose the routes.

So, nutrition-focused goal achievement and freedom. Pretty cool tenants of a diet or eating plan.

Whether CrossFit’s your thing or not, we’re here to help you see the healthy and the balanced - as that’s the lifestyle we’re after.

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