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Going Macro to Gain

Gaining With Macros

Gain Muscle with Macros - macro snacks


Okay, so you’ve heard it all your life. People think you’re one of the lucky ones. They look at you with bewilderment and a bit of envy. You don’t quite get it yourself.

You can’t gain weight.

You’ve tried. You’ve eaten junk. You’ve pumped iron. But, some pain, but not much gain.

Hey, first off, we don’t judge. Everybody, and every body, is different. Our goal is to help you, beautifully unique you, live a healthy and balanced lifestyle with macronutrient snacks. 

According to, only about two percent of the U.S. would be considered underweight. While percentage-wise that’s small, it still amounts to about 6.5 million people. Add in those who are of a normal weight but would like to bulk up a bit, and it’s easy to see how learning to gain weight healthily and effectively matters for many people.

Counting Macros

Counting macros can for sure be used to lose weight. Ultimately, it comes down to determining your appropriate macronutrient intake based on your weight goals, which, in the case of shedding pounds, is essentially reducing calories or eating a calorie deficit while maintaining a well-balanced macronutrient diet. 

Gain Weight

However, if your weight goal is the opposite, say to add a few pounds, the same formula works too! You’ll be adding some calories or eating at a calorie surplus by way of healthy macronutrients.

Gain weight with macros

According to, to slowly gain weight you should increase your caloric intake by 300-500 calories over your daily caloric burn. Bumping this number up to 700-1,000 calories will lead to fast weight gain.

Once you get your number, you determine how much of each macronutrient you consume based on your macro ratio (our Macro Snacks are 45% carbs, 30% protein, 25% fat) and gram conversion. You don’t up your calories by increasing your ice cream intake by a couple of gallons!

The Macro Approach

And that’s the beauty of the macro approach. It’s about serving the body with its individual needs and doing so from a macronutrient, rather than a solely counting calories. You determine your weight target and get there through a practical ratio of carbs, proteins, and fats.

Whatever your goals may be, Macro Snacks is here to help you IIFYM and crunch your path to them in a healthy and balanced way.

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SPECIAL NOTE: We recommend chatting with your doctor or medical professional first before committing to any lifestyle or dietary changes. 

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