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Best snack

Excellent healthy snack. So much flavor and no guilt. I love them. I eat a bag a day.


Although these are good the sodium is to high for my liking

Delicious and Super Crunchy

Very good, love how light in calories they are and highly satisfying crunch. Hopefully price is kept down, loving it!

My favorite snacks

This is the best protein snack i've ever had

Good Product

I like the taste.

Was expecting product to taste significantly better. Level set flavor expectations before purchase - these are far from tasting like chips/crackers.

Good snack

I like this product

Good substitute for snacking

They are very tasty and good, with a pleasant crunchy texture. As was noted by others, they need to be more careful about the distribution of the flavorings--some are too sweet and cinnamony, while others are barely flavored. More tossing/mixing?

I ate all of them in like 3 days

The flavors are satisfying and distinct. The nutritional profile is wonderful and I feel less guilty about going through these as fast as I did. Great products

Uneven Flavor On Each Snack

The flavor and crunch are good, but I'm too many bags the flavor amount is very even. Some will be highly coated and almost too flavorful and some have no flavor coating at all.

Healthy Snack

Our family especially likes the Churro Loco flavor as a nutritious and healthy snack

Favorite Snack

I LOVE these!! Best snack option for something crunchy, tasty, and with good PROTEIN! Worth the slightly higher price tag for the quality!

Very tasty!

These are so very tasty and great to settle that craving. Always hard to find snacks that don't throw off my macros and these are perfect!

Great for satisfying craving

These are so very tasty and great to settle that craving. Always hard to find snacks that don't throw off my macros and these are perfect!


Absolutely amazing delicious healthy snack that everyone needs to have. My family is addicted.


Excellent taste

They are FIRE!

I can't eat them because I have no teeth. I ordered them for a friend that just can't get enough. He wanted to know what stores you were in for future purchases. 4 big bags should keep him tight for a while?

Sampler Pack (5 Bags)

Good macros and good taste

Sampler Pack (5 Bags)
Anthony P.
Better than expected

This is a review after only trying the 5 bag sampler pack. I loved this product. It takes a lot to please me and I have to hand it to this company because I was impressed by how they were able to deliver consistent flavor on every crispy bite. Every piece is well coated and has more than enough crunch to curve that "snacking" craving. The cheddar flavor was light on the strength of flavor compared to the other four bags but I enjoyed the cheddar flavor not being as potent and staying true to the cheddar flavor. If you try the cheddar first and then move to the other four, the flavor soars and the crunch remains. The cherry on top was that I felt satisfied with the portion and had good energy to finish out my work day or curve any cravings before bed. The texture of the snack is light and airy. I didn't find any of the ingredients to come through oddly in the texture or flavor. I munched on them at work and at night for snack and didn't think twice about their ingredients. The flavor and crunchy bite was exactly what I was searching for and this product delivered.

Sampler Pack (5 Bags)
Tasty snacks

These snacks are flavorful, and I've enjoyed the ones I've tried thus far. If I didn't know it wasn't a Pork Rind, I wouldn't know the difference.

Sampler Pack (5 Bags)
Mariah B.
Happily surprised!

I really enjoyed 4 out of 5 of these flavors! These snacks are SO crisp and perfectly satisfy that crunch craving. Sour cream and onion was my favorite, followed by churro, then cheddar, and finally bbq but they were very close. More or less the same flavors you'd expect from regular chips. The one I didn't like, and actually couldn't stand, was the chili flavor. It was weirdly sweet and just gross. I'll definitely be buying the others again though!

Sampler Pack (5 Bags)
John Y.
Beond Crunchyhy

I was excited to receive the Ha snacks in the mail. They looked really delicious from the advertisement. When I opened the package, they were crunchy and had a strong spice flavor. However, I couldn't quite place what they were made of. It sorta was like a mystery taste. Glad I tried the sample pack but I don't think I'm going to order another round. That's it for me.

Sampler Pack (5 Bags)

Good tasting and crunchy

Sampler Pack (5 Bags)
Glynis C.

They were good will order again

Sampler Pack (5 Bags)

These snacks are excellent! I really liked them all! I just wish they weren't so pricey! But great choice for a healthy snack!