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Salty, crunchy, satiating-really fun snack!

Satisfying - good flavor, great crunch, full bag

I was very pleased with these because they hit all the buckets I was looking for. The were as crunchy as promised, the flavor on each variety really popped, and the bag was stuffed. No half empty bag like you get with Lay's. I was a little concerned that the pea protein might leave an odd after taste but it did not. A++, will buy again.

Perfect fit for my eating style

I love these. They are the perfect complement to a sandwich for me. The macros fit in my plan and they have lots of flavor and a nice crunch. So much healthier than regular chips!!

excellent crunchy tasty snack. (good for you too!!!)

great product. lots in the bag. feel snack satisfied once bag is empty. delicious!!!

Churro Loco

Was waiting forever for them to come back in. Was not happy that I reached out via email/text so many times and never heard back from anyone. Really did not appreciate that but since this review is about the product and not customer service, LOVE the churro Locos.

Better than chips and good for you!

Love chips, me too! These are healthy, 11 g protein and only 140 calories. woot-woot!!
Favorite flavors are sour cream & onion, BBQ and churro loco. The spicy chili lime is okay, and the cheddar cheese needs to be improved on. Not enough of a cheese flavor, sorry.

I do wish availability was better. Since they are so popular they are always out of stock. :(

Great product but customer service is lacking

I am grandfathered in to have no shipping costs. Every month you charge me shipping and I have to constantly send you emails to apply the refund. Now you have ghosted me and will not return my emails. Super frustrated

Good Luck

The company will prioritize their wholesalers, so you won't receive your 4oz bags. Instead, you'll get multiple 1.2oz - their justification they'll give: "But you get more product." Great, but my order was delayed by two weeks because you failed to stock your product.

Customer Service - ZERO communication

Do not expect any kind of rapid response to emails from the customer service.

Abysmal Customer Service

Never received half of my order. Customer service is non-existent. Good luck receiving any information on your orders when you reach out to them.

Great Flavors!

Full of flavor, crunchy... and a nice bonus, the bags are actually full!

Good option

This is a good variety bag. My favorites are Chilli Lime and then Churro Loco. Then Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion, then BBQ. The cheese is certainly cheesy. Sour Cream & Onion and BBQ are good if you like those flavors already. I've never been a fan but they're nice to have around for variety or my friends.

My favorite flavor

Reminds me of chicharrones, but the texture is a bit firmer/crunchier for these. My friend compared the taste to Takis, but obviously these are better (in my opinion the protein is a game changer).


I like the airy crispiness, very crunchy. You can eat them normally but they taste a bit "buttery" like that, so I prefer to add them to a bowl with oat or cashew milk and eat it like cereal. Sometimes one of them gets clumped up with all the sweetener and cinnamon, those are my favorite pieces.

A little stale less flavor

I have enjoyed macro snacks for almost a year. The past couple of orders have tasted a bit stale and had less flavor previous orders. Overall I do like macro snacks :-)

Love them so much!

So Pleased

Loved this product. Taste so good and very satisfying. Loved the protein.


I didn't think they had very much flavor I would probably not purchase again my bags were mostly full of dust.

Bigger Bags!!!

These things are fire I took a star because of the wait for them and the quantity of the product is not sufficient to satisfy football smacking.Bigger variety pack bags Please!!!!!

Best snack

Excellent healthy snack. So much flavor and no guilt. I love them. I eat a bag a day.


Although these are good the sodium is to high for my liking

Delicious and Super Crunchy

Very good, love how light in calories they are and highly satisfying crunch. Hopefully price is kept down, loving it!

My favorite snacks

This is the best protein snack i've ever had

Good Product

I like the taste.

Was expecting product to taste significantly better. Level set flavor expectations before purchase - these are far from tasting like chips/crackers.