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OK snacks for kids


I didn't like these, at all

This product is defno thank youinitely not for me

Not for me!!

Not for meNot for me

They weren't terrible, but they weren't good either. The churro flavor was inedible.


I have only tried one of them the spicy chllie lime crunchers. I found them to be falvorfull and crunchy.

Way too salty

I honestly only liked the churro flavor, that one was really good, but the others weren’t really good at all unfortunately. They were super salty and the flavors were just kinda weird. I ended up throwing away the chili lime and onion ones because I just couldn’t get myself to eat the whole bag.

Ha snacks

Great product flavored nicely
Tad salty but like them amd will purchase again


Im sorry this snack is not for me , i did not like them at all , but im a sugar junkie and i believe thats why i don't like Ha. i will give you an At for trying and good luck with your business


Best snack bag of good for you snacks. The cheese is my favorite! The church flavor makes you feel like you are at a carnival eating real churros.

Excellent snacks

My favorite is the Churroloco, but I also like the BBQ and the Cheddar cheese. Haven't tried the other two yet.

Ne sampler

The sampler was very good, except for a spicy 🌶 one that I wasn’t too fond of.


Absolutely amazing and tasteful snack!!


I was pleasantly surprised on how good these are. They have the perfect crisp to them with amazing flavor. The cheddar was my favorite. Almost afraid to order more, I can tell they are addictive!

Unfortunately still never received it due to hurricane ida and New Orleans. So hopefully they’re still good by the time usps starts delivering again.

Sampler Pack (5 Bags)
KatKhleeKathyn R.

Only had one bag so far but these are absolutely fantastic. Love the taste and crunchy.

Good but some were quite overseasoned

They have a nice cruch and taste. There are some that are greatly overseasoned which can be a bit overwhelming to the palate. Not sure i would buy again because of the overseasoning.


They were very very good!!!!

Freaking Good

The title says it all.

A New Favorite!

Me and my partner both love HA! snacks so much. The taste is great and the crunch is perfect. Getting high quality protein is important for my diet so it feels good knowing I'm getting that in these snacks. The BBQ, Cheese, and Churro flavors are all favorites in this house.


Great snacks....all were delicious but I really loved the BBQ & SPICY one's the best.

Awesome snacks

I decided to give HA Snack a try, I’m hooked, I have made two more additional purchases

Fantastic snacks!

You can’t go wrong with these tasty snacks! They’re low cal, but high protein and just so damn tasty!!

I thought they were really good, I wish they were not mail order.


Omgoodness absolutely delicious

I’m always looking for a delicious high protein snack. I saw these on a friends fb post and I was intrigued. I’ve tried many “chip/crisps in the past as I’m a lifetimer following WW now for 4 years. These chip/crisps are my absolute favorite so far. The texture is substantial, the flavor is yummy and the quantity is very good. After I eat them as a snack I feel very satisfied and actually feel like I’ve indulged in a special treat. Definitely will be on my reorder list. 💯 worth it!!