Hi, I’m Justin and I’m a snackaholic.

Like, I really love snacks. Especially chips. My family does too. Along with my kids, we would always eat traditional snacks and chips but were constantly hungry afterwards, even if we ate the entire bag! You know the feeling, we’ve all been there. Knowing that these products did nothing to benefit me, or my family, I started to search for healthier alternatives to satisfy our cravings.

What I found on the market lacked the crunch, flavor, and taste I craved. I had a choice. Go back to the traditional snacks I knew were no good for me, or, go with those "better-for-you" options I had to suffer through eating.

Then, I had a moment. A moment I like to call my HA! Moment! 

I decided to make the snacks myself! After months of R&D we landed on the perfect product! The ideal blend of crunch, flavor, and taste, packed with 11g of plant-based protein in only 140 calories!


I set out to create a Healthier Alternative that I, and my family, could snack on and feel good about. Not only does HA! pack nutritional benefits, but they taste and crunch just like those traditional, unhealthy snacks you are used to. 

No more empty calories, no more artificial ingredients, no more cardboard tasting "healthier" snacks. I now laugh at those other snacks, HA!

If I could create a snack this good, why can't they? I guess they haven't had their HA! Moment yet. 

Are you ready for yours? Have a HA! Moment today! HA! Moments can be anything you do to get better each and every day. It can be as simple as taking a walk, getting an extra hour of sleep, taking a screen break, or choosing a better snack!

Little changes add up to big differences.

Have a HA! Moment? I would love to hear about it! 


founder and ceo